10 Secrets Slimming World Members Won’t Tell You

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Written by Slimming World Man of the Year 2014, Brendan O’Donnell.



15 Struggles Everyone On Slimming World Experiences 

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15 Struggles Everyone On Slimming World Experiences http://www.buzzfeed.com/bajodonnell/slimming-world-problems?utm_term=.dcGMxO3NX via @UKBee @buzzfeed

Slimming Worlds Greatest Loser 2015

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Slimming Worlds Greatest Loser 2015 Gary Marsden – He’s lost a staggering 18st 8lbs !!!!

Just shows there is nothing that can stop us reaching our goal if we put our minds to it and stay focused.stream_img


Why don’t fat men join slimming clubs?

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An interesting read and full of inspiration for us Fat Men…….

Everyone is getting fatter, especially men, so why aren’t they doing something about it? Because dieting is seen as a female thing, says Chris Moss