Goodlife – Making vegetables the stars!

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I was excited to have been asked to trial out some new products from Goodlife Foods and you may have seen me posting some delicious meals on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Goodlife source the healthiest vegetables from the finest farmers in the UK to create nutritious vegetarian meals.

There are several products in their range but as I am following the Slimming World plan I was mainly interested in their lower syn products.


So far I have tried the French Bean Sausages, Beetroot & Feta Sausages and the Falafel and I have to say I’ve been very impressed.

Some of Goodlife range are now stocked in Iceland Foods and you can order the entire range online at Ocado.

If you are interested in finding out more about their products and trying out some of their inspiring recipe ideas, then why not head over to their website and say Hi!!

Hope you are all well and who knows, maybe this post will inspire me to get blogging again!!

M xx


Exceedingly Good!

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Remember me?? OMG I knew I had to get blogging again but didn’t realise how long it had been! I am so sorry. Anyway, I have spent this evening reading my blogs from the very first one right up to the last one, which I am ashamed to say was July!! It was funny reading them back but it did the trick as here I am now writing again.

Well….when I left you last I had just reached my Club 10 weight and pocketed my 2 1/2 stone award. So much has happened since then and I am now chasing my 4 1/2 stone award! I cant begin to describe the journey, I mean its only been 21 weeks since I walked through those ‘doors of shame’ and met Dawn, my consultant and my new Slimming World family. I can certainly say it has been a life changing experience and I have loved every minute (except for the little gain a couple of weeks back) but its not over yet, not by a long shot. I haven’t set a target weight yet, I mean how do I know? I don’t know what weight I will feel comfortable and that I will be able to maintain, all I know is I’m heading in the right direction and when the time is right I will make that decision, but for now there’s a job still to do and I’m on it 100%.

So what’s been happening… I went on holiday, took my frying pan. I drank, ate out lots, swam and surfed!! Yep, I got on that board, the wave came under me and we had lift off. It was a great feeling to finally feel the wave lift and carry the board instead of it just sinking under the strain of my body weight. OK I struggled to get up on my feet, but that was a lack of fitness on my part. but it will be a different story next time! So, I had two weeks holiday came back to group weigh in and OMG 5lbs loss!!! It goes without saying I was shocked. I knew I had tried to be good wherever possible but never expected that. The mad thing was, I went the following week and only got a another 5lbs loss! That has to be a post holiday record, surely lol!!

Well the holidays are well and truly over now and its all back to the grindstone. Everyone is back to work routines and now I am looking for new recipes and ideas to inspire and push me on. Talking of recipes, I am starting to get a bit of fame from my Cherry Fakewells. Not entirely my own idea I must express but I took others recipes, messed around with them and came up with what I think is an ‘exceedingly good’ alternative to Mr K’s 10 syn option. Seriously, if you haven’t tried them yet all I can say is DO IT NOW!!  You won’t regret it!!

Anyway, I’ve bored you enough for one night but I promise I’m back and I will keep you all updated. Its weigh day again tomorrow, Week 22 and I am 5 1/2 lbs away from my 4 1/2 stone award. I’m not expecting any miracles this week, but I am sure that new shiny sticker will be mine next week.

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey.

Be good… M xx

To Infinity……And Beyond!!

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I know, I know it’s been far too long since I last wrote anything. I am so sorry it’s just been a bit busy with life and when I have had the time to write something, I haven’t had the energy. Anyway, what’s been happening? Well it’s more a case of, where do I start! Last Thursdays weigh in was a huge success and the first major milestone in my journey to a slimmer me. I needed to lose 4.5 pounds and I went and lost 4.5 pounds which got me my 2.5 stone award, slimmer of the week (again) and most importantly my Club10 award for losing 10% of my body weight. All this in just 10 weeks is something I never dreamed could be possible. Here’s to the next 10 weeks!!

So what else has happened…My parents now know that I am doing Slimming World, yes they finely noticed, so now that’s both sets of parents know and my best friends too. They are all very pleased and supportive of my decision to finally do something about my weight and health. Now comes the constant questions asking how much I’ve lost today, everyday lol, bless! You may have seen that we’ve had a new puppy too, I have posted a photo on my media sites. He’s a black Labrador, his name is Buzz and he will be a new brother/companion for my other yellow Labrador called Woody. “I see a theme here” I hear you say, Woody & Buzz? Toy Story? To infinity and beyond!! Yep, he will count himself lucky as also on the shortlist was Ham and Mr Potato Head! If we had had a girl then she was going to be called Jessie, unfortunately there wasn’t a black girl to match my specific criteria but bizarrely the mom is called Jessie too. Little Buzz is the reason I have been a bit too tired to do anything lately. I forgot how demanding and tiring the nights can be, not to mention the mess in the crate all the time! I will be glad when we are past the toilet training stage and I can start to get him out in the world  then the real fun of gundog training starts. I just hope that the tiredness and lack of motivation for anything other than sleep doesn’t effect my weight loss too much this week, I have stayed on plan and optimised 100% as always however, I can’t help feeling like it will only be a small loss this week but “a loss is a loss” as they say and whatever it will be, it will be gone for good!

Well, little Buzz is sound asleep in his crate so I guess I must go get some sleep in before the baby wakes again. Thanks for reading this and more importantly thank you for continuing to follow my blog even though it’s been non existent as of late. Your continued support here, on Instagram and on Twitter is what keeps me inspired to push on with my amazing journey, and what a journey it has been so far.

Good luck to all my fellow Thursday weigh day friends, here’s to big losses and continued success.

Speak soon, I promise

M xx

Half a Pound??? You Cannot Be Serious!!!

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Hi there, well another week gone by and another successful weigh day. Tonight I had a loss of 2.5lbs which I know is a great achievement and it’s another 2.5lbs gone forever but I can’t help feeling a little disappointed as I was only half a pound off my 2 stone award. Yes, on my progress chart I set my self a guide of 3lbs per week and I am well ahead of that target, but I like pushing myself that bit more, so wanted to keep up the momentum of half a stone every two weeks, a stone every for weeks. Well I missed that this week by that crafty little half a pound, damn you! In the grand scale of things though, I know that come tomorrow morning, that half a pound will be history and I will be starting a fresh week of 100% food optimising and will be 100% focused on not only getting my 2 stone award but pushing to achieve that Club 10 award. Four and a half pounds may be a lot to ask but I have done it several times before so I am fired up to give it my best shot. On a better note though, I managed to get Slimmer of the Week again, that’s five times in eight weeks! It has been a great night at group tonight too. It was good to see so many staying for Image Therapy and especially good to see the new members table busy again. I even bought some of those new lemon meringue hi-fi bars to try and the Fakeaways Recipe book so I am looking forward to trying some more new recipes.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. The kids finish their exams tomorrow, one doing A levels the other GCSE’s, so I have promised them a nice meal out to celebrate. Luckily, they all care and encourage my weight loss so are conscious and keen to choose somewhere to eat that I can still food optimise to the best possible. Don’t know where we are going yet though, still have to decide. Then Sunday is Father’s Day so both sets of parents are descending on us for one of my spectacular BBQ’s. My Dad very kindly bought me a new BBQ a few weeks back (he only had to ask to come for Father’s Day, he didn’t need to buy me a new BBQ, but it is very welcome) so I am looking forward to getting it fired up (charcoal of course) and cooking some tasty Slimming World friendly meals for all the family (by the way, they still don’t know that I have joined SW, I wonder if they might notice this weekend???). So tomorrow, in between work of course, I will be sorting a menu and a list of ingredients ready to hit the supermarket on Saturday.

Well, that’s all for now. I am working on a few more recipes, so will post those as soon as I get chance and I will make sure I get some nice photos on Sunday to get the taste buds tingling and hopefully inspire some slimmers to try some new recipes.

Have a great weekend guys. Catch up soon.

M xx

White Chocolate and Raspberry Mille-Feuille (the dessert I didn’t have)

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Hi there, hope you all had a good weekend. Well mine was great. I had Saturday night off from cooking as we went out for a meal for my friends birthday. As it was his birthday he got to choose the restaurant and the boy chose well. We went to The Granary Grill at Weston Park. A lovely little restaurant in a fantastic setting with an awesome chef. Now my friends know that I’m doing Slimming World, they actually noticed I had lost weight so I told them, he wanted to be conscious that we avoided any of our regular Indian haunts and go for something a bit more fresh and healthy where there was a good choice of steak! But, I didn’t choose steak, I actually stayed, what I consider to be, totally on plan with my choices. I had saved up my syns and healthy extras, eaten SP for the whole day and planned an SP day Sunday to recover, so I was actually very proud of my choices and boy was it scrummy….

Starter: Spring Vegetables, Pecorino and Fregola Pasta with Roasted Garlic, Rocket Salad and Herb Oil

Main: Char-Grilled Chicken Breast with a Chilli, Peanut and Coriander Dressing, Spicy Salad and New Potatoes

I decided not to have a dessert so my darling wife had the one I would have chosen (yes, I had a sneaky half a teaspoon to try it) and OH MY GOD, HEAVEN!!! White Chocolate and Raspberry Mille-Feuille with Raspberry Coulis. I have to say it was an absolute winner! I can’t begin to explain how tasty it all was. If you ever fancy a special meal out somewhere that I would personally say gives Marco Pierre White’s (my chef idol) food a run for his money, then I fully recommend it.

On another note, I tried a new first tonight, cauliflower rice! I didn’t bother with making it, I just bought a tub from Tesco for £1.00. I had made a chilli con carne, one of my all time favourite dishes, but wanted to avoid rice as I am trying to do a full week of Extra Easy SP. The verdict was, it was OK, nothing special. It gave some texture in replace of rice and felt good eating it knowing it was 100% healthy but it just wasn’t rice. On the downside, it stunk the house out like Sunday dinner farts lol, but hopefully will be worth it on Thursday. Yep, this Thursday weigh day is an important goal in my journey. Get that 3lbs loss to reach my 2 stone target and that will put me in reach of my Club 10 award!!

Well, just a quick one tonight to let you know about the fantastic Weston Park restaurant. I’ve got an early start tomorrow as I have meetings in the office, for those of you who don’t know, I work for a company based in West Yorkshire so the office is about 2hrs drive away. Happy Days!!

Take care y’all xx

Week 7 and Feeling Lighter

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So it’s been a while I know, time just seems to fly past. I mean, as soon as I’m starting a new weeks food diary it’s weigh day again!! Yes, I am that hooked on Slimming World my week now starts on a Friday and ends on a Thursday (weigh day of course). Well, the results are in again and it’s another 3lbs loss, that takes me to 1st 11lbs in total over just seven weeks so I am doing better than I could have ever dreamed. If I can get another 3lbs off next week I will get my 2 stone award, yay!! Get that 2 stone next week then that will put me 4lbs off my Club 10 Weight, now that is an achievement worth celebrating. Club 10, for those of you who are not familiar with Slimming World, is when you lose 10% of your body weight. This major landmark in my weight loss journey will start to bring amazing health benefits by reducing my risk of heart disease, a stroke and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes amongst other things, so you can see why it is celebrated amongst us SW slimmers (it also means a free week so I might use that to buy another recipe book, or some extra goes on the raffle haha)

I received some very lovely feedback about my blog site and my Twitter & Instagram pages tonight, ‘Inspirational’ is how some described it. I can’t express how much it means to me to know that maybe from sharing my thoughts, recipes and success, I could inspire others to follow with their own weight loss journey. This genuinely does mean as much to me as losing my own weight, to think I could be inspirational to others. I thank you all for your interest and wish you the world of success in your journey to a healthier you xx.

Right, enough of the soppy talk, I have a job to do! 3lbs is the minimum target this week. Apart from going out for a posh meal Saturday night for my friends birthday, I can’t see anything will get in my way. Optimise 100%, lots of Extra Easy SP days, as many pints of water I can drink a day without drowning and that 2 stone shiny sticker will be mine.

Well that’s all for now, thanks for listening, liking, sharing. Please feel free to leave a comment, it really would be great to hear from you even if it’s just to say “hi” and if you are on your own journey, may the week be good for you and remember…

‘Rather than aiming to be thin, just aim to be lighter today than you were yesterday’

M xx

Pay, Weigh and Stray

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Hi again, I know it’s been a while but I have had a lot on my plate lately (excuse the pun). Last Thursday’s weigh in was another success losing 2.5lbs keeps me ahead of my target loss but it does leave with another challenge this week if I am to reach the next half stone mark this Thursday. I need to lose a minimum of 4.5lbs to be precise, I’ve done it before so I’m going to give it my best shot. I also managed to somehow get Slimmer of the Week again, and Slimmer of the Month and to top the evening off I was awarded Group Slimming Man of the Year! I must say, I was a tad embarrassed about that as I only started my journey 5 weeks ago, not exactly worthy of such a reward so soon but, with very few men choosing to stay to meetings and the unanimous pressure of the lovely ladies in the group, I humbly accepted. (Apparently I get ‘crowned’ next week haha, oh the joys!)

I got to group a bit early last week so had time to make a cuppa and found myself observing the coming and going of my fellow slimmers. I was amazed at how many were actually part of the group but never stay for Image Therapy, they just pay, weigh and stray. I would be interested to know the average weight loss of those that weigh and go compared to those that regularly stay to Image Therapy. OK, we are all busy sometimes and yes I had my reservations about Image Therapy, I mean I actually thought they took photos of you in your underwear then projected onto a huge screen in front of everyone so they could compare bodies at different stages of weight loss. I didn’t realise that IMAGE actually stood for Individual Motivation And Group Experience. Oh my, how wrong could I have been lol. On a serious note, Image Therapy is where we get chance to learn about our weight loss. It’s where we get encouragement when it’s not going to plan, praise when you’ve had a good week and more importantly the chance to chat and share recipes, ideas and support with like minded people. There’s no discrimination, no pressure to confess your sins (or should that be syns) and no negativity, just friendly advice, tips and the chance to share experiences. Some people, like me, have just started their journey, some have been there years or are returning to maintain there wonderful weight loss, but one thing brings us all together and that’s the mighty Slimming World Scales. So why wouldn’t you want to stay and join in? If you are doing the right things and losing the weight regularly, then come and be rewarded for it and share your tips, you never know you might just give someone else that strength and inspiration to keep them going. But if it’s perhaps not working for you as well as you would have hoped then maybe someone in group could give you the support you need and you would also realise that you are not alone. But the most important reason of all is your group consultant, the mother (or father) of the ship. They are there with their professional advice, to listen, understand and help plan your weight loss in a way that works best for you. They are the ones who, back when you first ‘bit the bullet’ and walked through those doors of shame, opened their arms and greeted you with a non judgemental friendly smile.

So I hope that next time you go to weigh in at group, think ‘weigh and stay’ grab yourself a cuppa and have a chat to those weird and wonderful people we call slimmers, who are genuinely interested in what you cooked last night, you never know, you might even enjoy it.

M xx