Half a Pound??? You Cannot Be Serious!!!

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Hi there, well another week gone by and another successful weigh day. Tonight I had a loss of 2.5lbs which I know is a great achievement and it’s another 2.5lbs gone forever but I can’t help feeling a little disappointed as I was only half a pound off my 2 stone award. Yes, on my progress chart I set my self a guide of 3lbs per week and I am well ahead of that target, but I like pushing myself that bit more, so wanted to keep up the momentum of half a stone every two weeks, a stone every for weeks. Well I missed that this week by that crafty little half a pound, damn you! In the grand scale of things though, I know that come tomorrow morning, that half a pound will be history and I will be starting a fresh week of 100% food optimising and will be 100% focused on not only getting my 2 stone award but pushing to achieve that Club 10 award. Four and a half pounds may be a lot to ask but I have done it several times before so I am fired up to give it my best shot. On a better note though, I managed to get Slimmer of the Week again, that’s five times in eight weeks! It has been a great night at group tonight too. It was good to see so many staying for Image Therapy and especially good to see the new members table busy again. I even bought some of those new lemon meringue hi-fi bars to try and the Fakeaways Recipe book so I am looking forward to trying some more new recipes.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. The kids finish their exams tomorrow, one doing A levels the other GCSE’s, so I have promised them a nice meal out to celebrate. Luckily, they all care and encourage my weight loss so are conscious and keen to choose somewhere to eat that I can still food optimise to the best possible. Don’t know where we are going yet though, still have to decide. Then Sunday is Father’s Day so both sets of parents are descending on us for one of my spectacular BBQ’s. My Dad very kindly bought me a new BBQ a few weeks back (he only had to ask to come for Father’s Day, he didn’t need to buy me a new BBQ, but it is very welcome) so I am looking forward to getting it fired up (charcoal of course) and cooking some tasty Slimming World friendly meals for all the family (by the way, they still don’t know that I have joined SW, I wonder if they might notice this weekend???). So tomorrow, in between work of course, I will be sorting a menu and a list of ingredients ready to hit the supermarket on Saturday.

Well, that’s all for now. I am working on a few more recipes, so will post those as soon as I get chance and I will make sure I get some nice photos on Sunday to get the taste buds tingling and hopefully inspire some slimmers to try some new recipes.

Have a great weekend guys. Catch up soon.

M xx


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