White Chocolate and Raspberry Mille-Feuille (the dessert I didn’t have)

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Hi there, hope you all had a good weekend. Well mine was great. I had Saturday night off from cooking as we went out for a meal for my friends birthday. As it was his birthday he got to choose the restaurant and the boy chose well. We went to The Granary Grill at Weston Park. A lovely little restaurant in a fantastic setting with an awesome chef. Now my friends know that I’m doing Slimming World, they actually noticed I had lost weight so I told them, he wanted to be conscious that we avoided any of our regular Indian haunts and go for something a bit more fresh and healthy where there was a good choice of steak! But, I didn’t choose steak, I actually stayed, what I consider to be, totally on plan with my choices. I had saved up my syns and healthy extras, eaten SP for the whole day and planned an SP day Sunday to recover, so I was actually very proud of my choices and boy was it scrummy….

Starter: Spring Vegetables, Pecorino and Fregola Pasta with Roasted Garlic, Rocket Salad and Herb Oil

Main: Char-Grilled Chicken Breast with a Chilli, Peanut and Coriander Dressing, Spicy Salad and New Potatoes

I decided not to have a dessert so my darling wife had the one I would have chosen (yes, I had a sneaky half a teaspoon to try it) and OH MY GOD, HEAVEN!!! White Chocolate and Raspberry Mille-Feuille with Raspberry Coulis. I have to say it was an absolute winner! I can’t begin to explain how tasty it all was. If you ever fancy a special meal out somewhere that I would personally say gives Marco Pierre White’s (my chef idol) food a run for his money, then I fully recommend it.

On another note, I tried a new first tonight, cauliflower rice! I didn’t bother with making it, I just bought a tub from Tesco for £1.00. I had made a chilli con carne, one of my all time favourite dishes, but wanted to avoid rice as I am trying to do a full week of Extra Easy SP. The verdict was, it was OK, nothing special. It gave some texture in replace of rice and felt good eating it knowing it was 100% healthy but it just wasn’t rice. On the downside, it stunk the house out like Sunday dinner farts lol, but hopefully will be worth it on Thursday. Yep, this Thursday weigh day is an important goal in my journey. Get that 3lbs loss to reach my 2 stone target and that will put me in reach of my Club 10 award!!

Well, just a quick one tonight to let you know about the fantastic Weston Park restaurant. I’ve got an early start tomorrow as I have meetings in the office, for those of you who don’t know, I work for a company based in West Yorkshire so the office is about 2hrs drive away. Happy Days!!

Take care y’all xx



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