Pay, Weigh and Stray

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Hi again, I know it’s been a while but I have had a lot on my plate lately (excuse the pun). Last Thursday’s weigh in was another success losing 2.5lbs keeps me ahead of my target loss but it does leave with another challenge this week if I am to reach the next half stone mark this Thursday. I need to lose a minimum of 4.5lbs to be precise, I’ve done it before so I’m going to give it my best shot. I also managed to somehow get Slimmer of the Week again, and Slimmer of the Month and to top the evening off I was awarded Group Slimming Man of the Year! I must say, I was a tad embarrassed about that as I only started my journey 5 weeks ago, not exactly worthy of such a reward so soon but, with very few men choosing to stay to meetings and the unanimous pressure of the lovely ladies in the group, I humbly accepted. (Apparently I get ‘crowned’ next week haha, oh the joys!)

I got to group a bit early last week so had time to make a cuppa and found myself observing the coming and going of my fellow slimmers. I was amazed at how many were actually part of the group but never stay for Image Therapy, they just pay, weigh and stray. I would be interested to know the average weight loss of those that weigh and go compared to those that regularly stay to Image Therapy. OK, we are all busy sometimes and yes I had my reservations about Image Therapy, I mean I actually thought they took photos of you in your underwear then projected onto a huge screen in front of everyone so they could compare bodies at different stages of weight loss. I didn’t realise that IMAGE actually stood for Individual Motivation And Group Experience. Oh my, how wrong could I have been lol. On a serious note, Image Therapy is where we get chance to learn about our weight loss. It’s where we get encouragement when it’s not going to plan, praise when you’ve had a good week and more importantly the chance to chat and share recipes, ideas and support with like minded people. There’s no discrimination, no pressure to confess your sins (or should that be syns) and no negativity, just friendly advice, tips and the chance to share experiences. Some people, like me, have just started their journey, some have been there years or are returning to maintain there wonderful weight loss, but one thing brings us all together and that’s the mighty Slimming World Scales. So why wouldn’t you want to stay and join in? If you are doing the right things and losing the weight regularly, then come and be rewarded for it and share your tips, you never know you might just give someone else that strength and inspiration to keep them going. But if it’s perhaps not working for you as well as you would have hoped then maybe someone in group could give you the support you need and you would also realise that you are not alone. But the most important reason of all is your group consultant, the mother (or father) of the ship. They are there with their professional advice, to listen, understand and help plan your weight loss in a way that works best for you. They are the ones who, back when you first ‘bit the bullet’ and walked through those doors of shame, opened their arms and greeted you with a non judgemental friendly smile.

So I hope that next time you go to weigh in at group, think ‘weigh and stay’ grab yourself a cuppa and have a chat to those weird and wonderful people we call slimmers, who are genuinely interested in what you cooked last night, you never know, you might even enjoy it.

M xx



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