Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie – 42,598 syns!

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So another week has rolled around, weigh day tomorrow. Week 5 actually, the first week of my next ‘stone a month’ campaign. Am I confident?….Far from it if I’m honest. I mean, I’ve been on plan all week, optimised 100% even last Sunday when we went for dinner at my Mom’s. Yes I had a sneaky small slice of my Mom’s homemade apple pie, couldn’t resist, but I’m sure I over exaggerated the syns in my food diary, just to be sure. I’m still keeping a food diary, even though I don’t need to hand them in I think it’s an important task to keep me focused on the goal, document everything I eat, no cheating. I’ve made my own diary on Excel, very snazzy, even adds up your daily syns for you! I will get around to sharing the template should anyone be interested in using it. Anyway, 100% optimising week (including Mom’s apple pie) so why don’t I feel confident, why have I got that negative feeling about this week? I can’t explain it to be honest, I know everyone at some point gets that week where they’ve been totally on plan but maintained, or even worse gained, so I am kind of expecting it to happen to me and feel it might come sooner than I hoped. I would check on our scales at home but they need new batteries as you can lose 3lbs just stepping off and back on, then gain 6lbs doing it again! I am also trying not to get into that obsession of jumping onto the scales to check every time I have eaten something or gone to the toilet!

Well tomorrow evening will soon be here, we will all know then and whatever it will be will be, it won’t rock me as I am completely focused and as our leader said, “your body doesn’t know what day of the week it is so you can’t expect it to always show a big loss on a Thursday evening”. Wise words. It’s also that time of the year where each group apparently votes for Slimming Man of the Year. I have been asked to apply and have to say a few words about me, why I joined and my experiences so far, along with the other men and then the group vote for their favourite. How can I run for Slimming Man of the Year? I mean, I am only in my fifth week, not really a journey to shout about yet, maybe next year, when I’ve lost 7 stone then ok. Anyway, they have asked me so I will do my bit, stand up in front of group and embarrass myself with a tale or two! Perhaps I should just give them a card with my blog site address on and say “you wanna know, then read that” that would be far easier lol.

Anyway, I better get some sleep, back on the road again tomorrow, so it will be packets of ham and salad bowls from the supermarket to graze on whilst driving, though I might get up early and get a decent breakfast inside me, we’ll see.

Bye for now, wish me luck!! xx


One thought on “Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie – 42,598 syns!

    Willow Bear said:
    May 28, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Good luck!!!!


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