Feeling The Difference

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Hi, sorry I haven’t blogged for a whole week but I’ve been busy food optimising to the extreme. It’s my week 4 weigh day tomorrow and I must say I am feeling confident. I am hoping for at least 4.5lbs off to reach my first 1 stone goal. I know it’s a big ask but I have optimised every meal carefully, entered everything in my food diary accurately and made a conscious effort to increase my speed food to at least half with every meal so if I don’t get that first stone target, I know I will be very close having given it my all. More importantly, something else has happened this week, I have started to notice my weight loss in my clothes. Jeans are not tight to fasten anymore, polo shirts, that were usual a tight fit, are now fitting nicely and in some cases quite baggy! I took Woody (the dog) training over the Chase tonight and walked the long route around, doing some retrieve and whistle training along the way and didn’t get out of breath, actually didn’t even break into sweat, so I am already starting to feel the difference which I must admit, is an amazing feeling. So if I don’t quite make the stone mark tomorrow, as long as I’ve lost again, I will be happy and ever more determined to continue my journey.

I’ve had a fun week experimenting with some new recipe ideas too. Some I found on Slimming World online, some off other peoples blogs & Instagram and some that I have thought up myself. Last night was especially good as I treated the family to a Chinese Fakeaway Feast cooking up multiple dishes. Chicken Chow Mein, King Prawn with Vegetables, Salt n Pepper Chicken and I even oven baked some Kale that resembled the crispy seaweed you get from the takeaway. Well there wasn’t much left, the whole lot was devoured and it felt good as around 70% was vegetables, a speed food extravaganza! I am working on writing up a couple of the recipes to post on here, especially the Salt n Pepper Chicken as that truly is amazing so watch this space.

Right then, I will sign off now, got a busy day of shedding pounds!! Speak again tomorrow night.

Fingers crossed!! xx


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