Guinness & Pork Scratchings

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Hi again, thought I’d update you on my weekend of food optimising success. It’s been a busy weekend what with going out Saturday night with our friends, to hosting a birthday BBQ for the mother in law today! A weekend full of temptation but, I stayed strong, positive and focused on my goal. Saturday night was the first time we’ve been out for our regular Saturday night’s drinking session in the local pub since I started with Slimming World. Just to let you know, I have decided that I am not telling my friends, or family (obviously my wife and kids know) that I have joined SW for the main reason that I can do without the added pressure and constant questions. Yes I know you may think that that’s crazy as I’m blogging my journey to the whole world but that’s different. Family (and friends to a certain extent) would constantly be tracking your every mouthful, wanting to know, how you doing, what you’ve been eating, how much weight you lost today, how can you lose weight eating so much, it doesn’t make sense, it’s about time as we were worried about you, we were only talking to the milkman the other day that if he doesn’t do something soon he will drop down dead! I know, I know they just care, but it’s too much to handle yet. When they come to me and say “Martin, you look like you have lost weight, are you trying to be good?” then I might share the magic of SW, but for now, let’s just get to that first stone! Anyway, back to the pub…. First no brainer was to ‘offer to drive’, a golden rule of SW success, if you are driving then it’s totally acceptable to drown yourself in diet coke all night. So I refused the offer of a pint of the black stuff (Guinness is my poison along with Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum etc….) and went for the soft stuff. As we sat down to chat, low and behold, out came the regulation bags of pork scratchings! I must say, I was tempted, just for a second, but then they don’t seem as appealing when not drinking beer, in fact the smell kinda put me off. I was so proud of my new found determination and just quietened down the brief interrogation with the excuse that I was on a detox and trying not to drink so much and had earlier had a huge curry (not a lie at all). Anyway a lovely night was had and afterwards at our friends house I opted for the cup of tea but flatly declined the toast that would normally soak up the alcohol. A successful night and another milestone overcome in my journey from fat to fit.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to prepare for the Birthday BBQ Banquet and what a banquet it was. BBQ’s are my favourite way to cook, I love being outdoors with my family and always cook on charcoal, It’s not a real BBQ unless its real fire! Having spent so many years holidaying and living in Crete I have quite an experience with Greek food and what better way to cook Greek than outdoors on open fire. Apart from the olive oil, which does have it’s plus points, I think Greek cooking is a very healthy, fresh way to eat and with all that meat and salad and fits perfectly into the SW program. I am going to get around to posting some of the recipes but the main ones today were Souvalaki, Tsatsiki and Greek Salad. I also added some of my favourite BBQ recipes of Cajun & Lime Chicken, Red Peppers stuffed with Herbs & Mozarella, Garlic Flat Mushrooms and some griddled Chorizo starter to get the taste buds going. Most of what I cooked was free or a very low syn value, anything that wasn’t I just quietly avoided (I think I could get quite crafty at this avoiding tactic). The wine flowed for them and the diet coke flowed for me. My daughter made a fantastic looking Victoria Sponge Birthday Cake which was loved by everyone, but I made my excuses that I was so full I couldn’t possibly eat another crumb (and that was not a lie at all). So I think a wonderful weekend was had and I am confident that my goal has not been hindered one bit!

Well, that’s it for tonight. I have posted some photo’s of the BBQ food on Instagram for now and if anyone wants to ask more or comment then please feel free, I would love to hear from you and it would help immensely knowing someone out there is listening and remotely interested in my journey. Tomorrow is another test as I am out on the road driving all day and that is when I would usually eat convenience food and crap out of boredom mainly so wish me luck!!

Bye for now xx


One thought on “Guinness & Pork Scratchings

    Willow Bear said:
    May 11, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    What an awesome weekend. 🙂 Keep up the great work! Would especially like to see the recipe for the Red Peppers stuffed with Herbs & Mozarella.


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